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3 Ways to Feel Body Confident this Summer

Women around the globe have a love-hate relationship with summer. We’re dying to shed our winter coats and don attire that gives us a bit more breathing room but, at the same time, we’re dreading baring all in sleeveless tops, shorts, or a teeny tiny bikini.

Here’s the thing: at freshie Feminine Care we know summer body confidence is possible - no matter which gorgeous body type you’re rocking. It’s a matter of getting into your body, out of your head (your biggest critic is you), and making the choice to love your body just the way it is.

Here are 3 powerful ways to release the body demons and focus on having a confident, amazing summer.

Truly experience each moment in your body

How does the warm salt water of the ocean feel as it splashes on your skin? How did it feel to score those points in beach volleyball - taking your team to sweaty victory? Are you falling into bed each night with a sense of blissful exhaustion from living your life to the fullest? Paying attention to these feelings will help you focus on what’s really important - how you feel.

When you’re focused on feeling good and enjoying yourself, your body confidence will soar, you’ll exude confidence and won’t have time to worry about if your thighs are rubbing together.

Stay present. Exist in your body, not your head. When you look back on these moments, you’ll remember all the beautiful memories you created - not how worried you were about your body. 

Shut down the negative self-talk

You truly are your own toughest critic and honey? Being down on your body doesn’t do anyone a bit of good. We all have that whispering voice inside our heads telling us that we’re not thin enough, not curvy enough (yes, even slim girls have body confidence struggles), not pretty enough. Whatever your insecurity is, try to see this negative voice for what it is - a liar.

Ditch the body trashing language and turn to more empowering, body positive thoughts instead. Speak to yourself like you’d speak to your best friend or young daughter. Chances are you’d assure her that she is stunning, worthy, and loved. And guess what? So are you. 

Choose to be confident

You have a choice when it comes to body confidence. You can believe the negative thoughts in your head and the shame-based marketing on TV telling you that only size 2 is beautiful (this is so far from the truth). Or you can look in the mirror, smile back at yourself, and declare yourself a warrior of positivity and decide to love your body for the way it dances, swims, runs, chases your kids, and laughs deep belly laughs with your friends.

Real body confidence comes from within. External validation might help temporarily but if your confidence isn’t from you, it’ll eventually fade. By making the choice to be confident, you’re claiming your well-deserved self-worth.

Body confidence is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. It ties in so deeply to the way we experience life, our sense of health and well being, and the relationship we have with ourselves. So, go, be confident and have the best, freshie-summer of your life!

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