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freshie Natural Feminine Wash

Freshie Feminine Wash

When you’re looking for a natural feminine wash to replace your ordinary soap or harsh feminine wash,  freshie™ has just what you need. Our refreshing feminine wash body care product line offers scented or unscented natural external vaginal cleansers that are never made with synthetic dyes or irritating chemicals. We never test our products on animals, and always guarantee that you’ll stay fresher longer than you would with the use of soap.

Our natural feminine wash is available in three varieties: Extra Fresh, Fresh Scent, and Unscented. Each variety is enhanced with soothing Abyssinian oil and refreshing peppermint oil, and each freshie™ variety will gently cleanse your delicate skin while keeping you 3X fresher than soap – all day long!

Our Extra Fresh natural external  vaginal cleanser is made with a higher concentration of peppermint oil for supreme freshness, and our Fresh Scent is made with a soft, light fragrance for those who prefer a lightly-scented natural feminine wash that is pleasingly-scented, yet not overpowering. For ladies who prefer no scent in  their refreshing feminine wash, our Unscented freshie™ is mild and has no scent except the soft hint of the peppermint oil in the formula.

Do you have questions about our freshie™ natural feminine wash products? Be sure to contact us with your questions and we’ll be more than happy to help!