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About Us

freshie is more than feminine care products. It’s a statement. A movement. It’s a belief that what we put on our bodies speaks volumes about who we are and what we care about.

Created with purpose. Made with your health in the forefront of our minds. freshie is made with non toxic plant-derived ingredients, and because we know women value feeling fresh, our products are enhanced with a gentle sensation of freshness- something you won’t find in other brands.

With NO paraben, NO sulfate, and NO DEA, freshie products are gentle enough for daily use and effective enough to help you kick ass at life. The formula is pH-balanced and we promise to never put anything into our products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. 

Deeply rooted in the values that helped found freshie is the conviction that women can and will change the world, therefore $1 from each unit sold online, is reserved for organizations that support and empower women.


About our Founder:

Nelly Reyes | Founder + CEO

Nelly's mission for freshie goes beyond selling products. She believes in educating women on embracing overall aware-self-care, and for this reason is committed to dedicating proceeds from freshie's online sales to supporting organizations that educate and empower women, through her 'freshie-start' initiative. 

She began her career at the age of 18 working at her father's import and distribution company (She is the daughter of the Founder of Lemisol; The caribbean's best selling feminine care brand dating back to the early 1980s). Enrolling at NYU in her 20s to pursue a marketing degree and eventually taking a position with a media company that relocated her to Los Angeles, Nelly realized she wanted more.

After spending 20-years learning and gaining experience in the personal care product industry from a US b2b and consumer's perspective, she understood that fulfilling consumer unmet needs in the marketplace, by creating superior quality products, was her true passion.  This is how freshie was born.