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Giving Yourself a Fresh Start

It’s that time of the year when the energy around a fresh start is palpable. This isn’t just any year, though; this is the beginning of a new decade; one that seems hopeful and full of possibilities.

However, fresh starts aren’t just reserved for January 1st, a new decade or the beginning of a new month. You can give yourself a fresh start every day. It’s all in our perspective.


1. A Fresh Start Requires a Goal

This is something to be intentional about. What is it you are looking to achieve? Decreasing anxiety? Improving relationships? Taking your health back?

Whatever your reason may be, you first need to think about how to get from point A to point B, because sometimes – actually most times – it’s a multi-step process.

For example, you’re tired of losing focus after lunch time and the subsequent 2pm crash – it’s affecting your creativity and ability to complete assignments. Your goal is to have sustained energy and focus throughout the day.

Achieving this goal would involve action steps of going to bed at a time that allows for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, eating a protein-rich breakfast, bringing water to stay hydrated, packing snacks that don’t spike your insulin level and eating a lunch with protein and veggies.

If you aren’t intentional in thinking through the “how” of your fresh start, you may not put in place all of the actions necessary to achieve your goal.


2. A Fresh Start Begins with a Decision

It's estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day, both consciously and unconsciously. Can you imagine using, even just a fraction of those decisions, to do something to align with a fresh start?

From the moment you wake up, you can make the choice to let today be a clean slate.

At lunch, you can opt to begin making healthier food choices.

At any moment you can choose to forgive someone.

Today you can choose to use products with natural ingredients versus ones with ingredients you’re unsure of.

It all begins with making a decision.

3. A Fresh Start is a Mindset

There’s no room for negativity with a fresh start. Optimism reigns and silver linings abound. It’s only with an “I can” attitude that a fresh start will lead to success.

Giving yourself the ability to “start again” doesn’t always necessarily mean a “do over” on all fronts, but it does mean that you are motivated to let it go 🎶 🎶 when it comes to the things that are weighing you down, holding you back and keeping you from making healthier decisions for your life overall.

It also means that if there’s a setback, you can choose to give yourself a fresh start on this same goal again without coming down hard on yourself about it. Took you 3 tries? That’s OK! Third time’s a charm!

The point is, if you set a goal, make the decision and adjust your mindset, you can give yourself a fresh start anytime, anywhere, without limits.

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