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freshie Feminine Care's Aware Self-Care Guide

If there’s one thing that conscious women know to be true, it’s that being healthy is key to living your best life.

You’ve got a busy career, a social life that keeps you on your toes, and goals that you’re working towards on the daily. You know that carving out quality time for yourself, while important, can be hard to do.

It’s not all about squeezing in sunrise yoga sessions and 3-day juice cleanses, though. From the moment you wake up and hop in the shower to the second that your head hits the pillow after a night out with friends, you have an opportunity to practice self-care by being mindful about what you put in - and on - your body.

While choosing healthier options for what you put in your body may seem a bit more intuitive (donut - not healthy, organic salad, healthy), being smart about what you’re putting on it can be trickier. One of the best ways to practice healthy, aware self-care is by being familiar with the ingredients in products you use and understanding how they affect your body and your health.

What’s in the bottle?

Understanding what a package means when it says “paraben free” or when the ingredients list contains sulfate can help you make smart buying decisions and avoid chemicals that are damaging to your health. Educating yourself about the various components that make up your favorite beauty and personal care products can make your choices a lot simpler.


Methyl, ethyl, propyl, and isobutyl parabens are preservatives that are commonly found in make up, shampoo and conditioner, and lotions. This harmful chemical is a potential endocrine disruptor. It also mimics the hormone estrogen and can cause the growth of breast tumors. This is one ingredient you’re going to...

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